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Full-time training

  • 28.11.2021
  • Training

August 19-21, 2019 we plan to conduct training for teachers. The cost of training is 30 000 rub. If you pay for the training in June and July, we will send you the necessary manuals for preparing for the exam and training!
The training includes:
a detailed guide for the teacher
problem book for testing levels 12,11,10,9
and many pleasant surprises. The rest of the problem books you can purchase additionally.
SAMA Global Abacus proficiency test
We tried to accumulate all our knowledge gained from David and 2 trainings – PAMA & SAMA Global, Fujimoto Tom – Tomoe SOROBAN, Kim Tu Sae – Semschool. We really have a lot of chips, both by the method and by filling the lesson, working in the classroom, moving to the mental score, student motivation.
Therefore, if you feel the need for new knowledge, simulators, workbooks and training materials, if you want to find like-minded people and constantly share experiences, grow and develop with colleagues and fans of mental arithmetic, we are pleased to invite you to join and be sure to visit the training.
We constantly work out, add and supplement programs, not sparing time and energy. Therefore, we can proudly say that our level of teaching is high, children really demonstrate amazing results, a working program filled in accordance with international levels and requirements.
Training ONLY for UAMAP member teachers with MANDATORY proficiency in basic techniques.
The training program is as follows:
Addition and subtraction, highlights, error analysis.
The addition of multi-digit numbers, simulators for working off the addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers
Simulators for working out formulas on the Abacus (Training work with fingers on the Abacus)
Mental score, various types of dictation of examples on a mental score
Counting various values ​​on the Abacus.

The multiplication table, the secrets of memorization. Simulators for working out the multiplication table on the Abacus.
Simulators for memorizing multiplication table
Multiplication 1D 2D 3D
1D 2D division (highlights)
Mental score multiplication and division of hearing 2Dx1D, 3Dx1D, 3D / 1D, 4D / 1D
Secrets of the mental account.
Practical working level 6

Multiplication 3Dx3D, 2Dx4D, 4Dx2D
Division 5D / 2D, 5D / 3D, 4D / 2D, 4D / 3D
Multiplication 3Dx4D, 4Dx3D
Division 6D / 2D, 6D / 3D, 6D / 4D
Attention games
Square roots 2D, 3D, 4D, 6D
Mental score multiplication and division from a sheet 3Dx1D, 4D / 1D
Practical working level 5-4

Fractional numbers, addition and subtraction
Concrete and abstract numbers
Multiplication and division of fractional numbers
examination, issue of certificates