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Online Learning

  • 05.12.2022
  • Training

Dear Colleagues! We are pleased to provide you with a new opportunity – learning mental arithmetic from scratch online. You can learn from high-quality studio lessons from level 12 to 6. The cost of training is 15,000 rubles.

In total, you have to go through five lessons. The training topics correspond to levels 12-6 of the International Classification PAMA Global and SAMA GLOBAL. Training program:

– History of mental arithmetic, work with abacus – Addition and subtraction on the abacus (1D, 2D, all formulas).

– Decimal and negative numbers. Level 6 according to the international classification of PAMA and SAMA.

– Mental score from sheet and audio dictations.

– Individual work on errors (addition and subtraction), analysis and discussion.

– Multiplication and division by abacus (2D * 1D, 2D * 2D, 2D * 3D, 3D * 2D, 3D / 1D, 4D / 2D) Level 6 according to the international classification PAMA and SAMA.

– All the necessary manuals and task books (12-10 levels) are included in the cost of training.