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Full time February 23-24, Moscow

  • 05.12.2022
  • Training

In February, we will organize full-time training in Moscow.

Training Dates:

February 23-24. Level 12-6 Training

The cost of the training is 15,000 rubles. for members of the association. For educators continuing their studies with David Liao in April.

The cost of training for the remaining categories is 20,000 rubles.

The trainings include:

– A detailed guide for the teacher
– Zadachniki on the development of levels 12, 11, 10
– SAMA Global Abacus Proficiency Test and many pleasant surprises.

The remaining task books you can purchase additionally.
We tried to accumulate all our knowledge gained from David at two trainings – PAMA & SAMA Global, from Fujimoto Tom – Tomoe SOROBAN, from Kim Tu Sae – Semschool. We really have a lot of chips both in terms of methodology and how to complete the lesson, work in the classroom, switch to a mental account, and motivate students.

If you feel the need for new knowledge, simulators, workbooks and training materials, if you want to find like-minded people and constantly exchange experiences, grow and develop together with colleagues and fans of mental arithmetic, we are pleased to invite you to join and be sure to attend the training.

We constantly work out, add and supplement programs, not sparing time and effort. Therefore, we can proudly say that our level of teaching is high, children show amazing results. The work program, filled in accordance with international levels and requirements.

Training Program 12-6:

-History of mental arithmetic, work with abacus

-Addition and subtraction on the abacus (1D, 2D, all formulas)

– Decimal and negative numbers. PAMA Level 6 International Classification

– Mental score from sheet and audio dictations

– Individual work on errors (addition and subtraction), analysis and discussion

– Multiplication and division on the abacus (2D * 1D, 2D * 2D, 2D * 3D, 3D * 2D, 3D / 1D, 4D / 2D). PAMA Level 6 International Classification

– Detailed analysis of level 6 according to the international classification of PAMA. Multiplication ambiguous. Simulators for the multiplication of multi-digit numbers

– Division of multi-digit numbers (3/2, 4/2), division with 1,2 or more enumerations. Division at the same first numbers of the dividend and divisor. Divisions at the first numbers of the dividend and divisor equal to 1.

– Practice of multiplication and division.

– Certification exam at level 7 (level 6).

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