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The best tutorials for students

  • 05.12.2022
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For our partners, we open the sale of the really best textbooks on mental arithmetic!

For 8 months, our team worked on a set of educational and methodological materials, putting there all the best that is in mental arithmetic.

Notebooks are ideal for an instructor and for a student – you, as an instructor, correctly accompany children on a journey to mental arithmetic, and we took into account all the subtleties for you 🙂

Only 6 levels, in accordance with international standards.
Everything is structured, brought into line with the calendar and thematic plan for 2 age categories.
The strongest methodological base of Taipei, as well as our own 5-year experience in teaching children and teachers, is embedded in our textbooks.

Level 1 – a set of 2 exercise books, the workbook for the class is divided into 2 age categories, for preschool children and for preschool children. They contain level 12 according to international classification. Notebooks for working in the classroom differ, home notebooks are general. The topics of work in a direct account, the account in formulas in 5-ke are touched. They contain blocks for solving abacus, mental counting, cursive writing, studying the compositions of numbers 5 and 10, as well as a block of additional tasks in various categories. Home notebook is common for all ages.

Level 2 – this is 2 notebooks for working out formulas in 10-ke, combined formulas, the older age begins to work out the transition through 50 and through 100. We turned on all the fingers simulators, all working out formulas in cases where children have problems and confusion. After the end of notebooks 1 and 2, children are able to pass the international exam at level 10.

Level 3 – 1 notebook for studying the multiplication table for those children who are not familiar with it or are not confident enough to multiply the unique ones. We also deal in detail with the transition through 50 and through 100, simulators for multiplication, one notebook, it contains tasks for working in the classroom, and tasks for working at home. Only 20 lessons. After completing this notebook, the child must master and navigate the multiplication table, meet and “make friends” with double-digit numbers, and, of course, will try to pass on a level 9 certificate!

Level 4 is the final transition to two-digit numbers, basic multiplication 2 * 1 and 3 * 1, as well as division tables and the basis of division 2/1 and 3/1. A large block for building on the abacus, an even larger block for mental counting, with double-digit enabled by all formulas. High-quality simulators (Korean school) for practicing addition and subtraction in multi-valued and also for practicing fast multiplication. Children are offered 2 notebooks for work – for the class and for the house, after which the student is able to pass the certification exam according to international standards at level 8. It is at level 8 that mental multiplication and division first appears in the exam!

Level 5 – we bring our students to solve examples with multi-valued numbers, to multi-valued division and multiplication, there are also 2 notebooks in the set, common for the oldest and for the younger group. After the end of these notebooks, our students pass the 7th level, they can multiply the multi-digit numbers 2 * 2, divide 3/1, 4/1, that is, they are already prepared for complex actions.

Level 6 – similarly 2 notebooks for work in the classroom and at home introduce students to multi-digit fractional numbers, and also teach the multiplication of 2 * 3 and 3 * 2. Particular attention is paid to the multi-valued division 3/2 and 4/2, since it is the multi-valued division that lays the foundation for already professional possession of the abacus and mental account! Many examples for mental counting and for solving on an abacus allow after completing the work of the materials of two notebooks to pass the certification exam at level 6 – already a professional and worthy result of learning mental arithmetic.

The cost of textbooks:

Level 1 – 1000 rubles. set (workbook senior or younger, notebook for homework)

Level 2 – 1200 rubles. set (workbook, notebook for homework)

Level 3 – 600 rubles. (workbook)

Level 4 – 1000 rubles. set (workbook, notebook for homework)

Level 5 – 1000 rubles. set (workbook, notebook for homework)

Level 6 – 1000 rubles. set (workbook, notebook for homework)

All task books are based solely on trusted international sources on which our Asian colleagues have been working for over 20 years (Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China).

All training is divided into levels according to the international classification, at the completion of each level by a student, the instructor must clearly know and track the emerging and entrenched skills. This is one of the most important stages in the training of mental arithmetic, since today the vast majority of teachers do not own this information along with a clear technique for working on abacus.

We really want to increase the level of mental arithmetic of students and teachers, and this is impossible without observing the criteria for counting.

All textbooks are divided into 12 levels, where 12 and 11 are the study and development of formulas. Starting from level 10, there is an improvement and development of counting skills on the abacus and, further, mental. Each manual necessarily includes practice on an abacus, preparation for certification (its samples), a mental account, as well as answers to all blocks.

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