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Joining the Association UAMAP

Our association is created for teachers of mental arithmetic who are interested in quality education.
We are an officially registered public organization in the territory of the Russian Federation.
The cost of membership is 10,000 rubles. per year. The entrance fee is counted for the first year of membership.
Membership Benefits
– High-quality training (paid additionally, depending on the training. From the development of the basic level to the extraction of square roots, rounding of decimal fractions, complex multiplication and division of decimal numbers)
– Methodical literature (the cost of benefits is 1500 rubles per level)
– Ability to pass the exam on the level of the account from David Liao (1500 rub.)

Any centre, school, or tutor may apply for membership in the association. Only the members of the association can get access to the training and methodological materials.

We would like to welcome you as a new member and ask you to fill out a small checklist to get a better understanding of your occupation.

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