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Миссия организации

The Mission
of the Organisation

Our association is created for teachers of mental arithmetic who are interested in quality education. We are an officially registered NGO in the territory of the Russian Federation. We are looking for those who are keen on mental arithmetic and want to improve knowledge, to take part in the international competitions, to take an exam for any level of abacus and mental counting.

The one-time admission fee is 10 000 rub. The annual fee of membership is 10 000 rub. per year.

Membership Benefits

- High-quality training (extra charge) - training program includes knowledge of 9-4 levels, addition, subtraction, multiplication? division, negative numbers, fractions (abstract numbers and denominate numbers), mental counting, etc.
- Methodical literature (the cost of benefits is 1500 rubles per level)
- Ability to pass the exam on the level of abacus from David Liao (1500 rub.)

Despite the five years that mental arithmetic has been taught in Russia, most teachers do not know the secrets of our Asian colleagues from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Japan, India and Korea, where mental arithmetic has been an independent discipline there for more than 50 years. The organisers of WAMAP were trained by highly-qualified international specialists. Our task now is to introduce specific international standards for all teachers, to facilitate the quality and timely transfer to their students, and to ensure better results and the larger popularisation of this trend in Russia.

In our association, we have gathered loyal fans of mental arithmetic, those who are interested in the development of this unique trend in Russia and other countries, as well as instructors who are happy to share the secrets of foreign specialists and their own long-term experience!

The introduction of clear criteria and standards for teaching mental arithmetic according to the international certification levels; the inculcation of this information to instructors and teachers.

The dissemination of educational and methodical literature, built on clear international criteria for all levels of education, including the complicated levels of multiplication, division, fractional numbers and roots.

Full-Time training for teachers who want to increase their knowledge of mental arithmetic. We have been accumulating this information since 2015, and we are happy to share the secrets of excellence to teachers throughout Russia and abroad.

Holding forums and competitions according to international standards, organising events that increase interest in mental arithmetic, as well as showcasing the exemplary results of our instructors and mentees.

Trainings and events

Certificates and documents